“Doctor Trinka is a person I came across by chance, but I could describe as ‘God sent’ 🙂 I was suffering with severe anxiety and insomnia for three months when I met doctor Trinka. I remember my first session when I just cried my heart out as I had reached a very dark point in my life where nobody understood me. I did not know whether I would be able to make it through and live my life normally again. Dr Trinka listened to me, counselled me and I felt better from the very first session. The second day that I met Dr Trinka, she made me take a self diagnostic paper pencil test to check for depression. I remember her saying let’s take this test today because from now forward and with our sessions ahead, I would only feel better, therefore she wouldn’t be able to get actual realistic results of my state then.. For someone who had lost all hope in life and who thought getting out of that situation was unimaginable, those kind words truly touched me and I can never forget them. Dr Trinka never lost hope in me and was my silver lining. She in fact gave me hope when I lost all and showed me the light at the end of the tunnel 🙂 She literally saved my life from going to the dumps! Truly, from that day there was only improvement and no looking back! 🙂 After our sessions, I went abroad to complete my education. Dr Trinka told me to be regularly in touch by mail/phone/Skype and keep her informed of my development. But as I felt better and took charge of my life. Thank you Dr Trinka, had you not been there – I don’t know what would have become of me.”

Shivangi Gadhok

“Felt very good after the session, felt very light. Overall, a good experience.”

—Mrs. Jyoti

“Thankyou for helping me grow and enabling me to find myself.”

—Ms. Sanya Arora

“Mam keep up the good work.”

—Mr. Rakesh

“We felt happy in one session only. Mind-blowing personality.”

—Mr Shyam and Mrs. Alka

“Ms. Trinka Arora Verma has been a very effective and efficient psychologist in resolving my issues and uplifting my sagging spirits. After talking to her for just few minutes my shaken confidence is restored and she has acted like a bright lamp in my dark hours. She is a person after meeting one can say with confidence that there is light at the end of tunnel. She has had a tremendous positive influence on me. Her positivity is extremely infectious, I mean, after just talking to her for a few minutes a sense of relief and optimism fills the mind. Her positive and reflective aura helps one to introspect and self-analyse ones issues with a lot of her help in a totally new perspective. Many a times her influence feels magnetic and one feels that she pulls all the negativity from oneself and replaces it with positivity. I personally have been truly blessed to have found her and it has been a fantastic journey till now. I hope she continues to dab and assuage more people off their problems/issues and heal them more and more. With this wish, I pen down and my best wishes go to all the new clients/patients who want to get a sense of healing through her.”

—Mr. Kamesh

“It has been wonderful experience with ma’am, we felt hopeful that under her guidance we can shape our child’s future.  She is very friendly and helpful.  Thank you Ma’am.”

—Mrs. Mahapatra

“For more understanding than anybody I have talked to I feel calmer and actually feel hopeful for my future.”

—Ms. Debanjali

“I have learned to see the things from different perspectives.”


“Really feel positive about my future. Would love to have more interaction : )”

—Ms. Ananya

“Good to talk, listen properly, understanding and soft-natured.”

— Ms. Anmol

“It has been wonderful experience with Dr. Trinka. We felt hopeful under her guidance to shape our child’s future. She is very friendly and helpful. Thank you ma’am.”

—Mr. Parmar

“I never thought that I would require professional help for my personal and professional problems. But somehow I mustered the courage to seek a helping hand for my problems. And I am glad I did. Thanks to Dr Trinka I got a whole new perspective about dealing with issues. I came to know the simple truth that life is so simple, and we make it utterly complex by creating limitations, holding to our fears, ego and difference of opinions. I would not say that I have become a champion but for sure I know what the right approach towards dealing with issues is. My sincere thanks to Dr Trinka and will definitely seek her opinion whenever I find myself in testing times in future.”

—Mr. Abhishek Kumar

“Many thanks for your time and advice. I did exactly what you told me and things turned out exactly the way you predicted. You are simply amazing : )”

—Mr. Chawla

“Sessions really helped me a lot. A positive energy has developed inside me.”

—Ms. Shilpi

“It has been my absolute privilege to know Dr. Trinka Arora Verma. I have known her for last three years and she is someone on whom people can consistently rely. She relates with genuine kindness, compassion and her generosities. I found her someone who relates to people with incredible ease. Her insight, understanding and methodical approach helped significantly and the most challenging situation has been faced without any fuss. I truly recommend her for consultation and the therapies offered by her.”

—Mrs. Bhagat

“I consulted doctor regarding my problem of depression and now I am feeling so well. I recommend the doctor to other patients as well.”

—Ms. Shilpa Sabberwal

“When I slipped into post-break up depression, most of my friends and family members behaved like I could just walk it off, or get over it with a haircut. Worse yet, people would suggest me to get in a rebound relationship or start drinking; along with all other sorts of unsolicited advice that are irresponsible, if not insensitive to tell to someone who has just had such a profoundly distressing emotional trauma. It was hence my own decision to go see a psychologist, to help me sort my thoughts and emotions, a decision I believe I would thank myself for, for the rest of my life. Here I would also like to acknowledge my luck, that I met the correct person for the job, Dr. Trinka Arora, who not only helped me sort my thoughts and emotions in a systematic manner but was also able to guide me into clarity. The therapy was not just over with helping me recover from depression, but help me identify events and choices in my life, which led to the situations leading up to my depression. She helped me self-discover my goals, and ways to achieve them. With her help I was not only able to recover from my depression, but able to take some serious steps towards a happier (and most definitely healthier) professional, and personal life. In my opinion, the reason she was able to understand my personality to the point where she could guide me to the light, is because of her extremely non-judgemental, kind, and syncretic approach; as well as her willingness to go extra mile to help her patients. In the end, I will say that today I am grateful to Dr. Trinka from the bottom of my heart for everything she helped me with. I don’t think that it would be an overstatement to say that with her work and personality, she commands utmost respect, not only for herself but also for her profession.”

—Mr. Kshitij Dhyani, Architect and Academic

“I remember my initial sessions with Dr. Trinka Arora. I didn’t even speak for the first two sessions. The patience with which she treated me healed me. There was somewhat a personal touch and concern in all her advices and discussions. Within a session or two I was comfortable enough to share everything with her. Now with her help I again have the will to live and am excited for what future will bring. I just can’t thank her enough.”

—Mr. Srivastava

“I am a professional writer, where I make ad films and other forms of advertisement. I consulted Dr. Trinka Arora at a time when I was 20 and was going through depression and later on anxiety, which resulted in distressed relationships, anger, and unmanaged emotions. I had a very tough time dealing with the outer world and converse even socially. But after the guidance of Dr. Arora, I have been the “real me” which I used to be before this incident. Sometimes the uneven mood strikes back but now I know how to manage it and focus on work. All thanks to Dr. Trinka. Thank you Doctor, for making me meet with the one “I” lost in me.”

—Ms. Das Gupta

“Ms. Trinka Arora Verma has been a very effective and efficient psychologist in resolving my issues and uplifting my sagging spirits. After talking to her for just few minutes my shaken confidence is restored and she has acted like the bright lamp in my dark hours. She is a person after meeting one can say with confidence that there is light at the end of tunnel.”

—Mr Atul

“It was a great experience it reminded us of reailty.”

—Mr. Vinay

“I loved the time spent with you. I appreciate that you are making difference in people’s lives.”

—Mr. Dinesh

“The condition from where we started to now, we found a great deal of improvement. We appreciate the way you directly and indirectly bring out the actual hidden problem and plan your therapy accordingly to address it.  We feel we have a very reliable shoulder to lean on.”


“I was fully satisfied with you and your consultation about my child.”

—Ms. Aditi

“Our experience of consultation with you had been pleasant and brief. As a psychologist, we found you receptive, soft spoken, balanced and understanding. The sessions with you helped us realise that with conscious effort, we can make a difference to mind-sets. Thanks a lot for your time and help. We know who to turn to, if need be.”

—Mrs Kant

“It’s really good and satisfied meeting.”

—Mr Singh

“Good doctors know how to prescribe the most important drug of all – a positive attitude. I really value the fact that you were a good listener more than being just a professional for dealing with my child’s daily behaviour which was getting really difficult to deal with. Thank you for showing us how to cope up with it. She has greatly improved. I also thank you for helping us deal with her school. Thank you.”

—Mrs Lodhi

“Doctor I am thankful to you that you have guided me in the right way for my child.”

—Mrs. Kohli

“She has helped me rise above my times of distress. Extremely compassionate and helpful. Please see her if you need help.”

—Ms. Ridhika Bali

“She has knowledge and experience on which she cultivates her clinical and psychological behavioural approach with the patient. She works hard on it to achieve some optimum results/conclusions.”

—Mr. Suprabhat Arora

“I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Trinka in 2017 and 2019. She has been a very good mentor who has dealt with all my doubts very patiently. Finding qualified professionals who share your passion for the field and work with integrity and sincerity is very difficult and I am grateful. I had the opportunity to work under her.”

—Ms. Simran Mago

 “Ms. Trinka is a very professional psychologist. A patient listener and has a vast knowledge of her subject. Interns get to observe things closely and it’s a pleasure to be with the doc. Doubts are cleared and topics are discussed whenever required.”

—Ms. Chhavi Sharma (Intern)

“I have joined internship since 1st August. It has been a very good and enriching experience. I am learning a lot. Trinka Maám has been a great mentor. She shares relevant information and guide us with the case history. Thank you so much maám.

—Exercise for special needs (Intern)

“Awesome experience. I learned a lot during internship.”

—Ms. Sarita Brar (Intern)

“Trinka maám so very helpful person. I am so lucky jo maám k sath kam karne ka moka mila. Really m apse bhut kuch sikhne ko mila and clients hoy a koi aur sabke sath apka behaviour bhut acha tha. Thank you so much maám.”

—Mr. Amit Verma (Intern)