Sleep Diary





                                         Guidelines for Better Sleep


Sleeping well is a habit that you can learn! Small changes can have big effects. Start today by following these rules:


Take care of your body

  • Do not drink caffeine: no tea, coffee, or coca-cola after 6 o’clock
  • Do not eat a big or spicy meal late in the evening
  • Do not go to bed hungry
  • Avoid alcohol as it interferes with sleep


Physical exercise, such as a brisk walk, in the late afternoon can help to make your body tired and help you to sleep. Get some regular exercise during the day.


Sleep only at night-time and do not have day-time naps, no matter how tired you feel.


Having a regular bedtime routine


Make your bedroom a pleasant place to be

  • Get a nightlight
  • Keep it clean and tidy
  • Introduce pleasant smells such as a drop of lavender oil onto the pillow


REMEMBER: Bed is for sleeping. Keep bed for sleep. Don't use it for watching television, using computer etc.